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2024 *CFL RULES* 2024

These rules are final and approved. All amendments and changes will take place at CFL meetings and approved by CFL Representatives. 


1A. The name of the league will be "Central Football League". The Central Football League shall be called the "CFL". 

1B. The CFL was organized by member organizations on August 12, 1995. 

1C. The purpose of the CFL shall be to govern, coordinate and enforce the rules for all league events among the participating organizations. The CFL shall govern only the issues that affect the flow of the league. The CFL is separate of all organizations, schools and associations. 

1D. Towns, Organizations and Schools will be responsible for their own Teams, Coaches and Parents (Insurance, Coaching Issues, Parent Issues, Player Issues). Only the flow and organization of League play will the CFL Govern. 

1E. MEMBERSHIP: The CFL is formed by its members. Membership in this League shall consist of organizations, schools and associations. 2024 Approved Teams are: BEGGS, CHOUTEAU, INOLA, KIEFER, KELLYVILLE, LIBERTY, MORRIS, NOAH, REGENT, SPERRY, STROUD, VICTORY.

1F. The annual dues of all members shall be determined annually by a majority vote of the membership ($150.00 per team for 2024). All dues shall be paid by each member before September 1st. A $50.00 fine late fee will be assessed on any member who is not current after this date.. Exceptions must have prior approval by the committee. The dues will be used for: trophies, referee coordinators fee and cost that is approved of by the CFL Committee. 

1G. Organizations asking to be admitted as members must detail in writing or present to the CFL the structure of their organization, the officers of the organization with phone numbers and how many teams they wish to enter in the league. An organization wishing admittance must have a 3rd and 4th grade team and a 5th and 6th grade team. No new teams 4A and larger will be accepted (unless approved by the CFL Representatives). 

1H. Organizations asking admittance must have majority vote of approval by the league member organizations. 

1I. Newly admitted organizations will be automatically put on a 1 year probation. No privileges, including voting, shall be admitted to these teams (No pre-season site and No Championship Site). Only post season site that is earned. 


1J. 1 full year in the CFL is as follows: Starts- Pre-season scrimmages, Ends- After Championship games are over. This is considered one full CFL Season. The CFL season is composed of three elements (pre-season, regular season and post-season). 

1K. There will be several meetings in the “CFL” concerning play and league setup. All Representatives will need to be present at these meetings. If there is a majority; votes and league business can be conducted. 

1L. Expulsion of member organization during the probation period will require only a majority vote of the remaining members. The Expulsion of an organization not on probation will require two-thirds vote of the remaining league member organizations. 

1M. If an organization doesn't attend the pre-season scrimmage, with all teams within their organization, they would become ineligible to host post-season games (earned or unearned). 


2A. League organization members- organizations, schools and associations that are voted in. 

2B. The CFL is composed of Representatives from every organization in the league. These are volunteers. There is no board, president, treasurer or head chair person.

2C. Each town association, organization and school will have a “Representative”. These Representatives will "Represent" them in meetings and all areas involving league play and issues. They will have a one vote that will represent their town association, organization and school. Once a majority vote is reached that issue will be resolved. 

2D. The Representatives will decide all issues concerning league play and the enforcement of the rules. Issues that do not involve league play but concern organizations, schools and associations will not be addressed by the Representatives. Each organization, school and association will be responsible for their own business. 

2E. All protest will be resolved by the Representatives (every Representative will be notified). Teams who are involved are excluded from voting. Only Representatives present at meetings will have a right to Vote (unless notified by email or text). 


3A. The CFL promotes the active participation of all players. Unless on disciplinary probation as dictated by individual organizations, and duly noted on the weigh-in roster, which must be exchanged prior to the game.   

3B. Playing Time- 1st - 6th grade players will be required to play 5 plays (including special teams) in every game. 

3C. Any player on disciplinary action who attends a game cannot be suited out for play. The player may wear his team jersey. Please note on weigh-in roster “disciplinary action” next to players name.

3D. Any player who refuses to participate in play must be brought to the attention of the head official and opposing coach and so noted on the weigh-in roster, with the player's name and number. 

3E. To participate in the CFL a player must meet BOTH the Grade requirement and the age requirement (noted in Section 3F). 


*To Participate in the fifth and sixth grade league, a player must be in the fifth or sixth grade and cannot be 13 prior to September 1st. 

*To participate in the third and fourth grade league, a player must be in the Third and Fourth grade and cannot be 11 prior to September 1st. 

*To participate in the first and second grade league, a player must be in the 1st and second grade and cannot be 9 prior to September 1st.

*NOAH cutoff date will be March 1st of the following year. 

3G. Players who wish to play up a grade level in this league must have parental approval and team organization approval to do so. However that player cannot play back down in the same season.

3H.- Players will not play down a grade level. If a player is too small to play and does not want to play at his grade/age level he must opt to set out a year. Organizations will not risk injuries that might occur either way. 

3I. If players are in the 7th grade, they are not allowed to play down at the 6th grade level (even if their age is eligible to play). 

3J. Players cannot play on two different teams. Exception: Other Coach/Team approves it for the game. Jr. high 6th graders may play for their Jr. High team and their 5/6 grade team. 

3K. "Birth Certificates"- The head coach will carry copies of his player's birth certificates on him at all times. He may at anytime be asked by a CFL Representative or another head coach to produce his birth certificates for verification. Failure to do so is an automatic forfeit (play the game, and team has 24 hours to present BC for game to be official and cancel the forfeit). If certain players cannot produce their birth certificates those players could play but needs to show a “BC” within 24 hours. If not, game(s) those players played in will result in a forfeit. Any exceptions are subject to CFL Representative Approval. 

3L. "Team Roster Form"- A team roster will be turned in before or on September 1st. Any player added after this date is ineligible for play. Team roster forms are available in the handout section on the CFL Website. An official CFL Team Roster including a waiver release signature will be submitted to representative members. 

3M. A CFL Team Roster form will have these items listed below. 

#1. Team Name and CFL Grade Classification

#2. Head Coaches Information.                                                                              

#3. Player's full name.

#4. Date-of-Birth.

#5. Age and grade level.                                                                                         

#6. School the player attends.                                                                               

#7. Parent's Signature. Waiver included. 

#8. Jersey number

#9. Note all stripers

3N. Only players listed on this form will be eligible for play in the CFL. Players who are not listed cannot participate in the CFL. If they do that game or games could result in a forfeit (League will decide). 

3O. Any head coach or representative member may request another team's roster form for verification at anytime. *Note: This can be done by calling the league and it will be faxed to you. This will be helpful before a game to match up team roster with a weigh-in roster. These two items must match up. Only the player's number might be different (note all the numbers of that player need o be on the weigh-in form). 

3P. **Important: Failure not to turn in your teams official CFL Team Roster Form after September 1st could result in forfeiture of any and all games until the roster form has been turned in. 

3Q. Players must first be selected from the School they attend and are playing for and not from outside the School. Only the CFL can approve outside players. Dependent school students are eligible to play for any team in the CFL, excluding NOAH. To be eligible to play for NOAH, in the CFL, a player cannot attend a brick-and-mortar school, Epic VLC, TCA, and the likes thereof. 

3Qa- "Grandfather Clause" This is for a player who has established eligibility at organization and then moves in the middle of the season to another school or home-schooled.  This organization may use the Grandfather Clause to keep him playing for them for the remainder of the current season. An Organization does not have to use this rule and may waive it due to the number of players in the program. 

3R. A team may petition the CFL Representatives if more players are needed to field a team. If approved to do so a team must get players from a School that does not offer football. All other players must be approved. All players must be listed on the Team Roster Form. Players from outside your school must be approved each year. 

3S. A player, having signed with a particular member organization, is the exclusive property of that organization and as such cannot be recruited by acts of persuasion by another member organization and/or its members prior to the end of the CFL season. Once a player is on a roster that player must stay on that same roster.

3T. A CFL Team (3rd-6th Grade) must split if the number of players on that team reaches 36. Only CFL Representative Approval can veto this ruling. The split must be equal (same number of grades on both teams or close). Two teams that will both compete in league play. There cannot be an "A" team and a "B" team.

3U. A blind draft will be the used to split these teams. Example: A 5/6 Grade Team: First 6th graders will be pulled from a hat and then 5th graders. A Representative member must be present at the draft. Limit of two coach's sons will be pulled and placed on their team at the start. 



4A. Three or two licensed officials will be required. Licensed officials must be a minimum of 18 years of age. 

4B. Teams in the CFL will use our referee coordinator. Games will be scheduled by the Ref-Coordinator. Teams may call to confirm their referees on the Thursday before their game. Listed below will be the procedures concerning issues that might arise during a season: 

4C. 2024 Official fees are $50.00 per ref, per game. Playoffs also. 

4D. If no referees show up at the game and teams do not want to play without them- Teams will have two weeks to reschedule the game (home team's field). Note: no coach, team official or other organizational member will be allowed to referee a league game unless mutually agreeable to both participating teams. Game will count! 

4E. Referees and visiting team show up but home team has cancelled the game for some reason. The rescheduled game will be at the visiting team’s home field (two weeks to reschedule). Referees will be paid (for missed scheduled games) by the team who cancelled. For the rescheudled game(s) the host site will 


5A. Home Team must give a 24 hour notice of cancellation. If this was done that team will have two weeks to reschedule the game. 

5B. If a game is cancelled or rescheduled both the opponent and league will need to be notified to schedule referees or cancel referees for this event. 

5C. Home teams must verbally talk to visiting team (head coach) and confirm the game by Wednesday (do not leave messages). Confirm uniform color, date, time, location, etc… 

5D. Any team activity ( including games, film, and practice, etc) will be limited to maximum of four occurrences per week (pads or otherwise), lasting a maximum of two hours each. 

5E. All non-scheduled games or scrimmages will be counted as a team activity.


5F. Practices will not start prior to August 1st. Camps are approved. 

5G. Eight minute quarters will be utilized for all games. There will be no running clock.

5Ga. There will be a 40/25 second play clock for all games. 

5H. Mercy Rule: If a team is ever winning by 30 points, clock will be a running clock for the remainder of the game. 

5I. Tie games/overtime: Each team will have 4 downs to score starting from the 10 yard line until a winner is determined. There will be a flip to see who goes first. Teams will stay in the same order in the 2nd O.T. and so on. 

5J. The half-time period will last no more than 10 minutes for all grades. 

5K. Half-time Procedure: Guest cheerleaders and/or drill team. The guest drill team may be excluded from half-time participation by the home team if all performances take longer than 10 minutes combined.

5L. Half-time may be shortened due to weather (Officials call) or if both coaches agree to do so for other circumstanses. 

5M. The admission fee may be revised annually by the League. The following admissions fees will be charged (including pre-season scrimmage and post-season tournament) 2024 Season- ADULTS $5.00, STUDENTS and SR. CITIZENS $2.00, UNDER 6 FREE. 

5N. The CFL will issue 5 game passes per team each year. Each member organization may use at their own discretion. With the exception of players, cheerleaders, pep squad members, drill team members, EVERYONE, including coaches and sponsors, will be required to pay admission or furnish a game pass. 

5O. There will be two game passes per "Cheer Squad". 

5P. Any organization or person caught in an attempt to gain entry with a false or reproduced pass or a coach trying to gain entry without a pass or paying will be subject to a suspension or fine to $50.00. 

5Q. The winning team and site REP is required to report the results of Saturday's game to the league by Sunday at Noon.  

5R. No alcoholic beverages or the consumption of alcoholic beverages will not be allowed by a coach, board member or anybody during a league event. 

5S. Weather: Games may be called off due to bad weather. A five hour notice will be required. Games may be moved to your opponent’s field if both teams agree. 

5T. A team that does not arrive at a scheduled game within thirty minutes after scheduled start time will forfeit that game (unless contacted).


6A. All Players will weigh on home team scales. The home team must supply an adequate scale. Weighing in will determine who is able to handle the ball. A ball handler is defined as any offensive player who is able to handle the ball or in a ball handler position (excluding the center). All other players are called stripers. 

6B. Weigh ins will be at the first scrimmage site with rosters in hand. If someone can't attend or joins a team after the first scrimmage they will be weighed at the first game. All players will be weighed prior to all playoff games. Home team must have a working scale for each game, and any member can challenge a weight limit restriction at any point throughout the year, up to 10 minutes before kick off. 

6C. 1B. Coaches will exchange a Weigh-in Roster Form and will witness and verify weigh-ins before the first scrimmage. A weigh-in roster form will consist of the following items: #1. Team Name #2. Head Coach: Name and Phone Numbers #3. Grade level of Team. #4 Jersey Number(s), list all numbers of that player and #4 Players Name #5 Notation of Striper. 

6D. All players in excess of the weight limit (listed below) will wear stripes as identification marks on their helmets. The identifying mark shall be a stripe at the front and the rear base of the helmet. The stripe shall be black or a contrasting color and be not less than 3" x 1". It will be placed at the back of the helmet across the bottom. 


6E. "These players will not be able to line up in a position of a possible ball carrier" (receiver or back). 


6F. Weight Limits.

*First and Second grade ball handlers must not weigh in excess of 75 lbs. 

*Third and Fourth grade ball handlers may not weigh in excess of 100 lbs.

*Fifth and Sixth grade handlers may not weigh in excess of 125 lbs. 


6G. The whole team will be present for the weigh-in. All players will be weighed in full uniform, excluding helmet. Stripers may not weigh in but will show the opposing coach their helmets with stripes and jersey number. All backs or ball position players must meet the weight limit. A striper cannot be in an eligible position. All stripers must be on the line of scrimmage as down-linemen (offence only). 

6H. All players who meet the weight limit are allowed to recover and advance the ball on fumbles, interceptions, kickoffs, etc. For players in excess of weight limit, the ball will be blown dead at the point of reception or recovery. 

6I. Only stripers must down the ball on on-side kicks. Ball handlers may return the ball, even on-side kicks. 



7A. 1st -6th grade TD= 6 points.

7B. Extra Points. 

**5/6 grade- Kick= 2 points, Run or Forward Pass= 1 point.

**3/4 grade- Kick or Forward Pass= 2 points, Run= 1 point.

**1/2 grade- Kick or Forward Pass= 2 points, Run= 1 point.

7C. Forfeit will be 8 points.


8A. If the opposing teams have the same colored jerseys and helmets target vests will be worn. The visiting  team will be required to wear the target vests. The home team is responsible for providing target vests.

8B. If a visiting team has two jerseys (different colors) they must go opposite of the home team's colors. The home team has the right to wear their jerseys. To avoid confusion the home team should call the opposing team to confirm colors, date and time for the game (call before Wednesday, “Article 6-Section 1”). 

8C. Rules and restrictions regarding player jersey numbers will not be enforced. 

8D. No team players shall participate at the same time with identical numbers (use tape to make adjustment). 

8E. Jerseys cannot be changed during a game unless the opposing team’s coach is made aware of the change and number. 

8F. A change of a jersey number of a player anytime during the season must be noted on the Weigh-in Roster. All numbers of a certain player must be listed (even if it is for one game) on the weigh-in roster. Example: Joey started off with #12. He lost his jersey and is wearing #32. Joey for one game cannot find his jersey and coach gives him #45 for that game. On the team’s weigh-in roster he will be listed like this- #12, #32, #45 Joey Redmond. The number he wears for that game will be circled. 

8G. Towels used on the field must have no lettering or logos on them and they must be white.

8H. The Official Football for the CFL: All Footballs most be the same or equivalent to the size of a ”Wilson” (K2, TDJ or TDY). Brand name does not matter. These balls can be Composite or Leather (no rubber balls). The only balls allowed during games must be equivalent to the stated above requirements.1/2 Grade may use a K2/Pee-wee ball.3/4 Grade may use a K2/Pee-wee, TDJ or TDY. 5/6 Grade may use a TDJ or TDY. Note: Each team may choose their ball size according to the rules but cannot change during the game. You must start, play and finish with the same size ball. 

8I. The use of two-way radios will be permitted. Radios will not however be used on the field of play. Sidelines are okay (sideline to press box or sideline to stands). 

8J. Filming. You may film games at your home stadium but you cannot film away games if its not your team playing. There will be no filming of other teams games.


9A. Coaches on the field of play.1st/2nd Grade- Two coaches will be allowed on the field during league play and playoff games. 3rd/4th- One coach only will be allowed for the first four games. After the fourth game no coaches on the field. 5th/6th- No coaches will be allowed on the field during league or playoff games. 

9B. Coaches on the field must remain silent once the ball is put in play. There will be a 10 yard penalty if this rule is violated. 

9C. The CFL does not require coaches to be certified. Team Organizations and associations may do so on their own.



10A. Regular Season Format: Every team will play according to their schedule created by the League. 

10B. Each Team will play a “Regular Season Schedule” which will determine who makes the Playoffs. These games will produce a winner and a loser. This will help decide who makes the playoffs.

10C. Each year the format will be voted on by CFL League Reps. 

10D. 2024 PLAYOFF FORMAT: Only the top 4 Teams from each Division will be selected for the playoffs (Northeast #1-#4 seeds. Southwest #1-#4 seeds). Seeds will be cross bracketed in playoffs (NE1 vs SE4, NE2 vs SE3  and  SE1 vs NE4, SE2 vs NE3).   

10E. Seeding of the selected playoff teams will be determined by season ending standings. Listed below will be the format we used to determine Division Teams for the playoffs. #1. Division Record, #2. Head-to-Head, #3. Total division points, #4. If still tied, coin flip.

10F. The CFL uses an 8 points system: For example, if Team "A" beats Team "B" 21-15, team “A” would add six points for the win and team “B” would B would subtract six points. If Team "C" won 21-0 over team "D", Team "C" adds 8 points and Team "D" would subtract 8 points (8 points is max). Overtime games count as follows; the winner gets 1 point and the loser will subtract 1 point regardless of the final score.

10G. If three or more teams are tied (division record) it would go to the “Division Point System” to break the ties.

10H. If total division points are tied (only the teams who are tied) will do a coin flip to determine seeding. ie: Teams “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” all have 3-2 division records. Head-to head did not work becuase there are more then two teams. It must go to total division points. Teams “A”, “B” and “D” have 44 points and team “C” has 43 points. Teams “A”, “B” and “D” will flip a coin to determine who is #1, #2, and #3. Team “C” would be #4. 

10I. #1 seeds from both divisions will be the host sites.   

10J.  Highest overall seed remaining will host Semi-Finals for the grade level. to be determined by: #1 Overall Record, #2 Head to Head, #3 Overall Points, and #4 Coin Flip.  

10K. Winning teams will advance to the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Site to be determined.


11A. CFL Trophies and Awards will be distributed by the League to the teams. Distribution as follows:


**1st Place- GOLD Rings (each player), Tee Shirt (each player) and a Team Trophy.

**Runner up- SILVER Rings (each player), Tee Shirt (each player) and Team Trophy. 


12A. The referee must be notified at the time of infraction that the game is being played under protest. 

12B. The head coach or acting head coach will notify the conference officials and the opposing head coach that the game is/or was being played under protest within 48 hours after the game. 

12C. A protest fee of $50.00 cash will be given to a CFL Representative at the time the official is notified of the protest. If the protest is won, the protest fee will be refunded. If the protest is lost the protest fee will be forfeited and be placed in the league treasury. 

12D. All protests involving tournament play will be settled by the CFL Representatives. 

12E. Judgment calls by officials cannot be protested. 


13A. Press Box Procedure: Rude remarks, bad behavior, or biased announcing will not be permitted at a game. If a board member is in attendance at a game determines that a violation of this rule exists and/or the clock person is not maintaining accurate precision, he may immediately ask for the removal of that person from his duties for the remainder of the game. The board will meet to determine by a vote if future action is necessary. The Penalty will be the decision of the board and can be up to a lifetime suspension from entering any press box. A referee noted protest will be addressed by the CFL Representatives. 

13B. Any physical assault or verbal abuse, or display of poor sportsmanship by a coach, parent, participation club official or guest at a game will not be tolerated. 


13C. Any player ejected from a game will automatically be suspended from the following game. The league representative will be notified by the officials. 


13D. Any coach may be subject to suspension if found to have engaged actively or passively in the violation of the rules embraced by the CFL. Any coach who commits an act of violence against an official, another coach, any player, parent or guardian of any player, or any spectator will be banned from coaching in the CFL for life.


13E. The league will not tolerate any coach talking back or down to the opposing players. This coach (if proven guilty) will be asked to remove himself from the sidelines (by the official) and will be banned from coaching in the CFL. This act must however be proven! 

13F. The penalty for an infraction of the Section 1 or 2 rules will be subject to one or more of the following: 1. Suspension from a game or games 2. Lifetime suspension from any conference event 3. Probation 4. An action deemed appropriate by unanimous vote. 

13G. The above rules may be amended, adopted or repealed only with a majority vote by the CFL Representatives.

13H. It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunity to all persons without regard to race, religion, national origin, sex, or handicap status. 

13I. Oklahoma High School Football Rules will be utilized in CFL play with the exception of the rules added for CFL play.  


14A. 1st and 2nd Grade Rules All 1/2 Rules are listed below otherwise they will use the league rules as stated above. This will keep the flow of the league going. Referees will all be on the same page as the league.


14B. The 1st and 2nd grade teams will play 8 Man Football. Field dimensions will be a regulation field.

14C. No kickoffs ball spotted on 35 yard line.

14D. 8 minute quarters regular clock, Play Clock will be in affect. 


14E. 2 coaches allowed on field (all year).

14F. Coaches CANNOT talk or adjust players once QB is under center or ready to snap the ball in Shotgun. 10 yard Penalty. 

14G. NO PLAYER can line head up on center, must be in the gap. Center cannot be directly hit!  Ball cannot be interfered with.  

14H. ALL defensive players on the line of scrimmage must be in a 3pt or 4pt stance between offensive tackles. Cannot be standing up. Only ends on the outside of O-tackles.

14I. NO BLITZING anywhere between offensive tackles period. No charging the formation before the hike of the ball. This is at the first level and the second level of the defense.

14J. A dropped snap between QB & center is a dead ball resulting in loss of down. A dropped snap out of shotgun is dead ball resulting in loss of down and ball marked where it hit the ground. A toss sweep that is dropped will be considered a fumble. Only C/QB exchange will be “DEAD BALL”.

14K. You may declare a punt. The ball (punt) will be spotted twenty five yards from LOS. The spot will not exceed into the “Red Zone” 20 yard line is the max. 

14L. A striper over the weight of 75 pounds will be marked and CANNOT play in a ball handling position or used as a lead blocker or be able to advance the ball..

14M. Points after touchdown (6 points).Run play =1pt, Kick or Forward pass = 2pt

14N. Not enough players- If a team can only field 7 players at the start of the game, can will be played (7 on 8) and will count. If a team only has 6 players at the start of the game, it will be played (6 on 6) but it will be a forfeit! Once a game has started with proper number of players that game will remain official even of injuries happen.

14O. An offensive team must play with five linemen (C, 2 Guards and 2 Tackles). Only three players allowed in backfield.14) Playing time- 5 plays per player (REQUIRED). Please chart your players to confirm they all have played the required amount of plays. 

14P. A CFL Team (1st-2nd Grade) must split if the number of players on that team reaches 28. Only CFL Representative Approval can veto this ruling. The split must be equal (same number of grades on both teams or close). Two teams that will both compete in league play. There cannot be an "A" team and a "B" team.

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